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Moulana Bhashani. Leader of the Toiling Masses

Anthology on Bangladesh's legendary Sufi sage and firebrand politician (XLibris, New York, May 2012).

A true humanist of his time, for most of his adult life, Moulana Bhashani was a Sufi Pir (sage) as well as a political leader. A Sufi Pir, he preached - and practiced - religious tolerance and egalitarianism. A secular politician, he fought for social justice, inclusion and democratic rights.
Moulana Bhashani viewed society through a class lens - the oppressed and the oppressors - regardless of their religion, caste or ethnicity. With rising religious intolerance and socio-economic inequities, the world is sorely in need of a principled leader the likes of Moulana Bhashani.

This volume traces the many facets of Moulana Bhashani's political career and religious philosophies, with contributions by leading researchers, political followers and journalists familiar with his life. In addition to discovering the extraordinary life of the Moulana, the authors also provide an excellent exposition of the socio-economic and political situations of Assam, Bengal and East Pakistan, as well as of Bangladesh during the first few years of its indepence.


  1. Introduction: The World needs the likes of Moulana Bhashani (by Anisuzzaman Chowdhury)

  2. Searching for Bhashani: The man and his religio-political philosophies (by Abid Bahar

  3. Bhashani's ever-oppositional democratic spirit (by Nurul Kabir)

  4. Moulana Bhashani: Historical and contemporary significance (by Peter Custers)

  5. Moulana Bhashani: A prophet of equality and peace (by Md. Mahbub ul Alam)

  6. Moulana Bhashani: An ideal for a politician (by M. Inamul Haque)

  7. Moulana Bhashani's resistence against the infamous Line System and 'Bangal Khedao' movement in Assam (by M. Waheeduzzaman Manik)

  8. A missing dream of Moulana Bhashani (by Moinuddin Naser)

  9. Moulana Bhashani's opposition politics: Style defining substance (by Abid Bahar)

  10. Memoirs: As we saw the Great Leader (by Fazle Lohani, Kazi Zafar Ahmed, Haider Akbar Khan Rano, Ariqur Rahman Khan Eusufzai, Jasim Uddin Ahmad, Enamul Hoque, Syed Ziaur Rahman, Kamal Lohani and Mohammmad Hossain Khan)

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