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Peter Custers holds an M.A. in international law from Leiden University, the Netherlands (1970). He subsequently followed a three-year course in international relations at the Johns Hopkins University, in Washington D.C.. He obtained his Ph.D. in sociology from the Catholic University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (1995).

In the first part of the 1970s, after Bangladesh gained its political independence, he gathered first-hand experience in grassroots’ peasant organizing, while stationed in Bangladesh as leading Dutch journalist, writing for both Dutch and international newspapers and magazines. During the 1980s, he actively participated in the Dutch peace movement against the threat of nuclear war.

Over the last twenty years, Custers has led or helped initiate a variety of international campaigns on Southern causes, while lobbying actively towards the European Parliament and other Brussels-based European institutions. Such as: the international campaign questioning the World Bank-coordinated ‘Flood Action Plan’ (FAP), Bangladesh (1991-1997), and the campaign on trade liberalization and Africa (i.e. on ‘EPAs’)(2004-2007).

In 2007/2008, Custers was an affiliated fellow, researching on religious tolerance and the history of Bangladesh, at the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden, the Netherlands. In 2010, he was granted an award as Human Rights’ Defender and Friend of Bangladesh, by the country’s current government. Presently, he is working as Special European Correspondent of the Bengali language daily Prothom Alo, and as International Columnist of the English language newspaper The Daily Star, Bangladesh.

Custers’ original theoretical study Questioning Globalized Militarism (Tulika, New Delhi/Merlin Press, London, 2007) covers both the production and exportation of arms and nuclear production in its broadest sense (i.e. civilian plus military). The study was prefaced and hailed for its innovative significance by the world-renowned Egyptian economist Samir Amin.

For questions, criticisms, comments or requests to (re)publish any of Custers' writings, please communicate via the contact page of this site.

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Interviews with Peter Custers on War Crimes and his personal biography. Published July 4 and July 10. 2010.
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Military Keynesianism Today: An Innovative Discourse
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